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Password Protect Plugin for WordPress

Unhappy with the selection of plugins for WordPress to force users to login to a WordPress site I decided to create my own.

This simple plugin will ensure all visitors are required to login before accessing your WordPress site.  It also adds a message to the login form telling the user that the site requires a login.

Current version:

Known Issues: None

Latest Enhancements: Added an option to allow public feeds. Added a customizable login page message.

Planned Enhancements: None

Download: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/password-protect-plugin-for-wordpress/

Want to donate? Sure, why not:

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  1. Hey David. Great plugin. I’m trying to find a plugin that a group of people can use to log into a private site. I don’t want any of them to have access to changing the password… any ideas on how to achieve this with your plugin? (I’ve removed the “Lost password” link from login page)
    Thanks in advance.

  2. Forgot to mention the only other WP Plugin running is “List Category Posts” by Fernando Brian. Thanks for any help or suggestions…

  3. I am using your password protect for a group of members to log in to view confidential info about their union. Members are getting a message when they try to log in that they don’t have permission to the site. Is there a limit to the number of IP addresses? If so, can I increase the number? Can you help me?

  4. This is a great plugin! Thanks a lot!

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