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FiOS vs. Comcast: Comparison for Massachusetts Resident

Currently a Comcast customer, I have been trying to decide between FiOS and Comcast.  I found the review linked below helpful and I did a little comparison, here are the high points:

For my locaiton, trying to match packages as close as possible:

  • Cost for Internet and TV: FiOS is about $14 cheaper per month (excluding taxes and fees). 
  • Channel Lineups: FiOS was missing Encore channels and a couple of other but gives us more channels overall. I'll miss Encore.
  • Internet Speed: FiOS should be about the same on upload but 3x faster on download (average).

Review I found Usefull: FIOS vs Comcast, A Real World Comparison and Review -- Jim Goings.

Currently we have 1 Comcast HD DVR box with the digital HD package.

I am going to get FiOS and will post another review after a couple months.


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  1. Just curious… I also am a Comcast customer who is thinking about switching over to Fios. Did you make the move, and if so, how are things going with all 3 components of the package?



    • Thanks for the reminder to post a follow up!

      We did switch, twice! Looking at this post I see I posted in Feb 2009. We switched back in 2009 and the install completed in July 2009. They had to come in and install a new underground fiber line then I had to wait for the box to get installed in the basement. Finally I got the TV boxes, Internet router, and phone lines installed. We had major problems! After about 20 days I called to cancel and was back on my Comcast connection.

      During those 20 days I did a lot of technical research into why I was having problems. I had the phone dropping calls, the cable box had problems daily with locking up when playing the DVR or on demand and sometimes even switching channels. The internet connection was awesome and never had a problem. I found that there was a problem with the MoCA network with the current revisions of the boxes. I told FiOS I would monitor the situation online and when I saw that is was resolved I’d try FiOS again.

      In June of 2011 we signed up again. I had read online that they were delivering new boxes with new firmware and the MoCA issue was resolved. Since signing up in July once I’ve had to run the reset program from the menu on one TV box which resolved some locking up issues we were seeing on that one box for about a week. It resolved the issues we were seeing. We like FiOS and the hardest part was getting used to the new channel numbers and the new menus but looking back I’d make the switch again and as long as FiOS let’s me extend my promotional pricing in July we’ll keep them.

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